A Spiritual approach to causation & impact of homelessness.

Areas of Practice


Chronically Homeless outreach

We render services of trauma-healing at the street level within chronically homeless communities. Amelioration for chronic pain, insomnia, back pain, neuropathy, chronic fatigue syndrome, and more. 


We collaborate with Los Angeles County agencies as a pathway towards cultivating health-conscious and evolutionary policy at the local level. 

Homeless & At-risk Programming

We render programming within social service organizations for amelioration of post-traumatic stress, addiction, mental illness, and adjustment difficulties. 

Organizational Staff training

We tailor organizational staff training in trauma-informed care, cultural competency, and organizational staff wellness. Training revolves around cultivation of ability for self-regulation.

Public health education

We provide forums in Public Health Education in lifestyle medicine. We educate constituencies and organizations in the field of proper breath, hydration, movement, nutrition, and sleep.